WelcomeToRichmondKY.com has been upgraded and moved into TheLatestInformation.com. Some of the added features included in TheLatestInformation.com are:
  1. Mobile Friendly: Navigate and view the website without having to enlarge the type with your fingers.
  2. All-In-One: All states, countys, and most metros and cities are now contained in a single website.
  3. Business Directory: On the Home Page so you don't need to look through lots of search engine results.
  4. An Easier Name to Remember: The Latest Information -- we all want to know The Latest Information!
  5. Favorites: Set your favorite Locale and you will go there automaticallly. Change your mind, turn it off.
  6. And a lot more...
From here, to see the new website, you have several options.
  1. Main website: Go to TheLatestInformation.com and navigate to the city, metro or county of your choice
  2. Go directly to Richmond, Kentucky
  3. Go directly to Lexington, Kentucky Metro area (includes Lexington, Richmond, Berea, etc.)
  4. Go directly to Madison County Kentucky (includes Richmond and Berea)


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